Rainbow Flag Flying

Rainbow flag and blue skiesA riff on our strategy for working across difference, Flip your experience.

Toronto School Board has decided that the rainbow flag can continue to fly at Stephen Lewis School, in spite of an on-line petition, to have it removed. (Story here)

A Toronto man complained because flying the rainbow flag is a “form of propaganda which creates an unwelcoming environment for straight individuals … promotes homosexuality and gives these individuals unfair and special rights.”

We wish that the 374 people who signed the petition would have taken a moment to flip their own experiences of feeling unsafe and unwelcome somewhere in their own lives where they are at a Dis/AdvantageIf they had flipped their experience, connected with the emotions they felt at those moments of Dis/Advantage, they might have joined the Gay-Straight Alliance which flew the flag in the first place.

Danny Arkadyev wrote on the petition website that he was one of the people who helped establish the flag at Stephen Lewis and “the intention was not to declare a queer/trans takeover and embellish the school in propaganda, but to let all students know that this school is a safe space and everyone is welcomed, including the people who put up this petition.”

“Special rights” are just rights.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Flag Flying

  1. Exactly, Sheila. It seems to be a knee jerk reaction to any attempt to disrupt the status quo. I’ve begun to take that reaction as satisfying evidence that we are actually making change!

  2. What a good lesson !! Reminds me of the time the west coast head of R.E.A.L women was mad at us for stealing the rainbow, after making the word gay unusable !! Same sort of logic to the objectors.

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